Inspection and inspection of the car before buying

Are you buying a car? To assess its real condition, external examination is not enough, you can purchase a freshly painted beautiful "auto junk" in which in the future you will have to invest amounts exceeding the cost of the car itself. To get additional details, view here: car inspection cost

We provide a range of car inspection services to assess its real condition.

The amount of work performed depends individually on the purchased car, its year of manufacture, appearance, etc. An approximate list of services and their cost.

1. Determination of the thickness of the paintwork on the surface with a special device. It allows you to quite accurately determine where the car was bit, how the straightening was done, how it was painted, etc. The cost of checking the car with a thickness gauge is 800 rubles.

We do not check the paintwork of a car if it is covered with a film (vinyl), various coatings. Simply put, we check ordinary civilian cars without any tuning.

2. Checking the condition of the undercarriage of the vehicle with a lift. The cost of the check is 500 rubles.

3. Reading of error codes by a car diagnostic scanner (computer diagnostics). Allows you to read old codes that do not light the CHECK lamp. The cost of the check is 500 rubles.

4. Checking the running gear, internal combustion engine, automatic transmission, manual transmission of a car on the road in motion, to determine everything that cannot be determined on a lift in statics. The cost of the check is 500 rubles.

5. Conducting video endoscopy from 1000 rubles. Allows you to see the state of hone in the cylinders, the presence and amount of carbon deposits, the state of the pistons (melting, etc.), the state of the catalysts.

6. Work on measuring the compression of the internal combustion engine, checking the oil pressure in the internal combustion engine, checking the fuel pressure in the gasoline line, etc. are carried out in agreement with the client. The cost also depends on the amount of work, it is discussed individually.

7. Checking the car against the traffic police database for restrictions on the prohibition of registration actions, etc. The cost of the check is 500 rubles.

After carrying out the inspection work, you will have a real opportunity to buy exactly a worthwhile car and avoid unplanned expenses.

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